All about peach 

Seasonal baking is the best kind! Peaches are in right now so why not use them in everything!? Today’s menu… Peach cobbler, peach bars, peach scones & peach frozen yogurt … Yum! 


Key lime Avocado Tart

During the summer we are all trying to avoid the deliciousness of desserts so that we can fit into our bikinis and not feel horrible. With that being said it is impossible with all the summer parties to avoid all that yumminess. I’m always trying out to recipes to fix my sweet tooth but not make me feel guilty. Check out this key like avocado tart I made with a very low sugar & carb count. Yummy things can be healthy too 🙂 

Banana & raspberry quinoa muffins 

I’ve been looking for a new snack that fixes my sweet tooth but not full of carbs and sugar so I decided to play around with some healthy sweets and good carbs and come up with these yummy muffins. Ok I might have sneaked a few chocolate chips in half the batch but only a few.. 

Ingredients: oats, quinoa, almond milk, banana, raspberry, honey, spices 

Happy baking!

x Kira’s cakes