Fall Cupcakes

I came across this cupcake recipe and I thought they were just the cutest! They’re perfect for a fall gathering of any size and you will defintely get credit for the work you put into them. This was my first batch and I will definitely change up a few things when I decide to do them again. Read my Tips to help you avoid the same mistakes that I did!

Enjoy x


1. Bake boxed pumpkin spice cupcakes (quantity of your choice) and set aside to cool. I added extra pumpkin spice to the mix to give it some more flavour.

2. Melt down green, orange, and brown chocolate wafers seperately in either a double boiler or the microwave.

3. Gather Maple Leafs and wash them well with warm water. Pat them dry and then set them on a waxed baking sheet with the smooth side facing down.

4. Take your melted chocolate and spread colours over the leafs, mixing and blending various colours to create the fall look. I used to finger, but a clean paintbrush will do the trick aswell.

5. Once the leafs are covered, set them in the fridge for 10 minutes or until cooled completely.

6. Unwrap Chewy Caramel candies and set them on a microwavable plate. Microwave for 5-7 seconds until slightly soft. ( Do not over cook)

7. Once soft, roll candies into acorn shape and set aside.

8. Take acorn shaped candies and dip the thicker end into the melted brown chocolate wafer. Let the excess drip off and then dip into chocolate sprinkles.

9. Continue until all acorns are finished then set in fridge to cool.

10. Delicately peel leaf away from hardened chocolate.

11. Assemble cupcakes and enjoy! x

TIP: – Be sure to make a thick layer of chocolate on your leafs- they will stay intact a lot easier

– I found that real leafs kept breaking on me, maybe try a fake leaf and see if that works better?


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