Edible Dragonflies

I came across this recipe, and absolutely fell in love with it! I thought they were the perfect dessert for a simple & sweet summer treat. I half cheated this recipe and decided to use a simple boxed cake for the actual cupcake and then took the effort to decorate the tops by hand.

What you will need:

-Handful of stick-shaped pretzels

– Original pretzels ( double the amount of stick-shaped)

-White chocolate circles ( or white chocolate chips, or bakers chocolate) Enough to cover the amount of pretzels you choose to decorate

-Your choice of small decorative candies.



1. Bake cupcakes in advance and let cool.

2. Melt down white chocolate in a double boiler.

3. Once melted, dip one pretzel stick until covered and place on wax paper. Then dip two original pretzels and place one on each side of the pretzel stick. Be sure that the pretzels are all touching.

4. Add small candies for eyes and other decorative parts.

5. Repeat process until you’ve reached your desired amount of dragon flies.

6. Leave on wax paper until completely cooled.


Very fun and Easy cupcakes. Take the time to impress your guests with these simple, unique, sweets!

Enjoy x



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